Category Spatial Design

Karuizawa Shirt, Interior Design, 2023

KARUIZAWA Karuizawa, located in ASTHA District 8, Jakarta, caters to men’s needs for tailor-made shirts. Their brand, with the tagline “IT SUITS YOU,” specializes in creating semi-bespoke Japanese-style shirts, tailored to each individual’s body shape and preferences. Designed by Marshella…

Kaie, Retail, 2023

KAIE Interior Design & Concept for KAIE store in SOI Menteng Creative Directed by Marshella JastineArchitect in Charge Ariel LatashaInstallation Asst. Irfianti Wandyani Art Direction and Spatial Design by MJ Office Team | 2023


TEMPL Store TEMPL is a multi-brand lifestyle concept store with the aim to create a sense of belonging. Concept by Marshella Jastine , Architecture by FFFAAARRR , Branding by Gema Semesta Co. Art Direction and Spatial Design by MJ Office…